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I took some screenshots to illustrate this post, but I didn’t get them from the computer on which I took them to the computer on which I’m currently writing. So, please use your imaginations and picture a Draenei with an odd haircut and some PvP heirloom shoulders (Because Uncle Mis didn’t have quite enough badges to make the PvE shoulders happen for him. Better than nothing, right?).

Tintreach (“CHIN-trhukh” – Irish-Gaelic for “lightning”) is my Shaman. As of right now, he’s a level 17 Miner and Jewelcrafter.

Tint is my first Shaman, and it took me a very, very long time to even roll one. Something about the class was very intimidating to me. When I created Misneach, part of the reason I did it was because the Warrior class seemed pretty simple…run at stuff, hit stuff with sword/axe/mace/stick/whatever. The Shaman class, on the other hand, seemed significantly more complicated. But, earlier this year, curiosity got the better of me and Tintreach was born.

While Mis and Big Mac have been working the auction house, I’ve been toying around with Tint and leveling him and his Jewelcrafting.

A few observations:

  • Like most classes, they start you off simple and build-in the complexity as you go. Right now, I’ve got a couple of buffs, a handful of damage abilities, and two totems to work with. Not that bad at all. If I knew how many different abilities I’d be dealing with when Mis hit 80 I probably would have been intimidated by the Warrior class as well.
  • The actual gameplay of the class is pretty fun and you get the best of quite a few worlds (ranged damage, melee damage, healing, DoTs, etc). I’ve never taken a “hybrid” class terribly far in the game, but I might see if I can make a run with Tint.
  • Low-level Jewelcrafting is surprisingly profitable. I’m shocked at how many items created by a combination of copper, malachite, and tigerseye consistently sell at auction. I’m not talking about a ton of gold, but for a level 17 to be drawing in as much as I have at auction I can’t complain. Related: when you’re one of three people leveling in a zone you end up swimming in mats.
  • Ghost Wolf, while not as big of a deal now that you can get a mount 4 levels after you train it, is one of the coolest things in WoW. I mean, come on, you’re a freakin’ semi-transparent wolf for crying out loud.

In other news, I’m still missing some of my former Faters. It’s not that much fun to log in to an empty guild. I’ve heard rumblings that I may be getting some people who haven’t played in ages back in the near future. Hope that happens.