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The starting area so nice I had to do it twice.

Rolled a Worgen Druid (Crann) the other night out of a desire to play coupled with a lack of desire to play any of my existing characters. I had a Nelf Druid at one point, but I lost interest and deleted him (I did, however, name my Hunter’s bear pet after him to honor the fallen).

I considered possibly rolling another class or another race, but something about Gilneas just gets me. The atmosphere and storyline are really well done. I’ve also become a big fan of the Worgen race itself. Granted, some of that may be because they’re the new kids on the block and sooner or later they’ll lose their luster just like everything else, but, for now, I’m enjoying the heck out of them.

I decided to give the Druid class another go due to the lack of healers currently on our (very, very small) roster. I have three characters now (all under level 20, incidentally) who can heal. If I give them all a fair shake and get the necessary motivation to do some hardcore leveling, the odds are good that at least one will stick and I’ll have an option other than tanking when we start doing some high-level content.

I don’t imagine I’ll ever be a full-time healer, but it’s certainly something I wouldn’t mind trying and keeping in my back pocket as a second option…if I can manage to convince myself to actually get one to 85. My old “tank or nothing” way of doing things wasn’t very helpful back when we were raiding as a decent-sized guild, and it’ll likely be less helpful this time around with our roster as small as it is (no offense to the Gnomes).

We’ll see what happens. For now, Crann is level 7 and can’t even turn back into his human form yet, let alone a bear or cat.

Will I successfully level a Druid this time around? Stay tuned.

Side note: A big, hearty welcome to the individual(s) who found my blog whilst searching for the term “Worgen Love.” While I don’t know exactly what you intended to find (although I could venture a guess or two based on my knowledge of Rule 34), I hope that you enjoyed your stay here at Aggro Junkie and, eventually, found the content you desired.