Monthly Archives: July 2011

Baby Tank Gets an Upgrade – Part II

Here’s to all the doctors who said she’d never stand and walk.

She’s having fun proving you wrong.


Eight Years


Of this little Rogue putting up with me.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.

I love you.

Don’t Be That Guy

Overheard in trade chat (although you could have probably guessed that had I not told you):

Random Dude #1: “ilvl 359 mage lfg firelands trash”

That Guy: “359s aren’t worth that much anymore”

Random Dude #2: “hey, does anybody use gatherer?”

That Guy: “I use gathermate2 it’s better”

I don’t know why, but I find that significantly more obnoxious than “Anal” spam and people inserting the word “Murloc” into movie names.

Shut up, That Guy.