Some things happened in the blogosphere during my hiatus. Lots of things, actually. A few of them hit me pretty hard, and while i haven’t commented on them and am, admittedly, very late in mentioning them at all, I wanted to take a second to say a few things to a few people who inspired me and have since either moved on from blogging about this silly game or just aren’t posting as regularly for one reason or another.


When I first started tanking in TBC yours was one of the first blogs I found. When I had an issue I couldn’t resolve about how to gear, what abilities to use, or anything else having to do with being a Prot Warrior, I went to you. You were one of the most knowledgeable and accessible tank geniuses out there. Thank you for your contributions to the community. You are and will always be missed.


I found your blog, along with Keredria’s, right around the time our guild started raiding in TBC. At the time, the Left Claw was hitting Kara for the first time, too. Most of what I found online was theorycrafting and number crunching, but here were two bloggers who not only discussed class and boss fight mechanics but also just shared experiences…experiences that were similar to those I was having in a different guild and on a different server. I looked forward to every single Pretty in Plate and Tree of Life post. You showed me that you don’t have to fill every post with comparisons between parry and dodge or how to gem or enchant to have a brilliant blog. All you have to do sometimes is write about what you did and what you’re feeling and people will read it and enjoy the heck out of it because they relate to it. You and K are two of the biggest reasons I started blogging. Thank you for that.


Tam, there are few bloggers who made me laugh (not fake “lol” internet laughing, but actual, honest-to-goodness, people are staring at me at work laughing) quite as hard or as often as you. Not only that, but you inspired me more than once while I flailed around desperately seeking something to write about. I wish I was around a couple of months ago to give you a proper good-bye on your blog, but I hope you happen to see this and know that Bloggeroth is a little less hilarious these days.


I know you’re still kind of around (and you’ve got a new blog), but I wanted to let you know that the work you’ve done for the past several years on Tank Like a Girl has been so incredibly helpful to me. I suck significantly less because of you (documented fact). As I near 85 in my less-than-glorious return to WoW, one of my Safari windows on my iPhone is locked on your pre-raid gear shopping list and will be for quite a while. You’re one of the best tank bloggers out there, and don’t let anybody (especially some troll) tell you otherwise. Oh, and thanks for still being on Twitter, because I may have some stupid questions for you as I stumble my way back into this game.

There are others who’ve come and gone, so this is by no means an all-inclusive list. Just some things I wanted to say to some people who I deeply respect.

Thank you. Every one of you.

4 responses to “Respect

  1. Awww. And yes, I totally miss Tam as well. It’s not the same without him!

  2. Thank you Misneach. It was nice to connect with you in that way. I think that sense of connection was what I enjoyed most about blogging. And I miss it. I’m not sure I could handle starting up Pretty in Plate again just to quit again later, but maybe I could talk Keredria into letting me be a guest blogger.

    • I know how you feel. While I was gone I missed connecting with readers and other bloggers, and I didn’t want to start again until I was sure I would be around for a long stretch (Ignore the fact that I haven’t posted in a while while reading that >.>).

      You should totally talk K into letting you guest post once in a while. That would be awesome.

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