Putting the Band Back Together

(Please note this is my first ever mobile post, so forgive the lack of screenshots and epically fancy formatting.)

Last Saturday, while I was spending the day freezing at a softball tournament, I got an email that injected 1 bazillion cc of awesome into my renewed WoW experience.

Vycodin, Pally healer extraordinaire and one of the coolest human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, sent word off to Cheesi, me, and some of the old crew, Jaz and Fai, saying that he and his lovely wife Paeya were planning on getting back into the game. Jaz, who had been playing Rift but was missing the “good ol’ days,” and Fai were in, and off we went.

After lamenting the lack of EoF activity in my last post, all of a sudden the old crew is getting back together.

We have no grand aspirations outside of getting online when our real lives will allow it and having as much fun as humanly possible with people we actually (gasp) like. What a frickin’ concept that is in an online game.

We’ve been trading emails since, just getting everybody up to speed on some of the basic changes and new stuff Blizzard chucked our way. We’ve also gotta figure out if our Vent server has been pirated by an old PuG or hipsters who think Skype is too mainstream (Related: Cheesi and I need new gaming headsets because, apparently, preteen/teenage girls get their kicks completely demolishing them. Honestly, these are the problems I deal with).

Bottom line: This is gonna be fun.

Stay tuned.

5 responses to “Putting the Band Back Together

  1. Yay for you guys!!! šŸ™‚

  2. That’s awesome that you guys are playing again. I was on for a couple months and it was so lonely. I’m sure by the time I’d start playing again, you would all stop. Besides, I don’t think you’d be up until 1 or 2 am playing.

    • Dude, I had no idea you were on. It’s been really lonely online since Cheesi and I started back again, too. Holler if you get going again, though. That would be awesome to have you back, too.

      • Yea, I started back about Feb and stopped again at the end of March. I thought you had stopped playing again. Maybe I can get back to it soon. Problem is, I’m on the west coast so it about 12 or 1 am your time when I get on.

      • Hm. Well, Jaz and Fai are rockin’ west coast time. Might be able to hang with them?

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