The Explorer

Figured I’d take a good look at Azeroth before it got a facelift:

Really it’s the result of too much time on my hands on a day off of work.

14 responses to “The Explorer

    • 🙂

      I’m sure there were better things to do with my time, but I’m happy I got that title.

    • Like getting another toon to 80? I’ve been putting off my Rogue for forever and a day, he hit 70 last December and just got him to 74 today. Did I mention how much I LOATHE leveling a Rogue…. ranks right up there on my favorite list with frontal lobotomies and root canal work.

      • My goal on Monday was to get my DK or my Hunter a couple of levels. That did NOT happen. However, while running around getting the Explorer title I also ran SFK, which I’m glad I did because I’d never been there before.

        Still time to get another 80. As long as I don’t get distracted again 🙂

      • My understanding is that both DM and SFK will still exist as lowbie instances, but there will be a heroic level 85 version available when toons reach that level.

      • That I didn’t know. Well, an achievement’s an achievement. I actually really liked the layout of the instance. Should be fun on the heroic version. Like a mini-Kara with worgen.

  1. Congrats! that was one of my before the expac comes out goals!

    • Thank you 🙂

      I never stated it as a goal, really, but I always thought it would be cool to do. It happened because, as I said in another comment, I wanted to run SFK as it is now. Figured I’d explore Silverpine while I was doing it (and check out the Greymane Wall pre-Cata) and realized how close I was to having the whole Eastern Kingdoms explored. That led to a trip through Kalimdor, too.

      I could’ve been leveling or farming or something productive, but whatever. It was fun and I’m glad I did it.

      • That explains why I saw you all over the map the other night.

      • Yup. Did quite a bit of traveling to finish that thing off. Had a bunch of areas I hadn’t fully explored, but only one or two that I really had to start from scratch on…like Eversong Woods, for example. Mis never set foot in there. Never went further north than ZA in the Ghostlands for that matter.

  2. ThePlayerFormerlyKnownAsVel

    Wish I had a renewed love of playing like you. All my toons on bloodhoof are gone, all my toons on Misha are gone…. My druid is all that remains, and it is sitting on another server as an ugly Tauren, dormant and neglected. Think I’ve logged an entire 20 minutes in warcraft in the past month.

    Glad to see you up and running again, enjoy!

    • Hey, Vel!

      Just as soon as I start playing and blogging again, the 12 hour days and music stuff kicks up again and I end up all dormant again myself. Figures.

      If you ever decide to start playing again, you’ll always have a home on the ‘Hoof.

  3. This is such a cool achi to get before Cata hits. I’ve been working on it myself. I’m only doing a couple of zones a day and all that, to make sure I don’t find the process a chore, and so I keep paying attention.

    In short: grats!

    • Thanks, Tam!

      Hope you get it, too (although, it’s taken me so long to reply to this comment you probably already have).

      Either way, I’m still glad I did it before Cata dropped, even if I don’t accomplish much else.

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