Dear Baron Rivendare

Thanks for the horse.

Rivendare's Deathcharger

Your Friend,


18 responses to “Dear Baron Rivendare

  1. Oh man, grats. I’ve been killing Baron since vanilla. I have his sword on my Warrior from back in the day, but I’ve never seen the horse.

    • Thank you 🙂

      I’ve run it a bunch of times in recent memory just for the mount. Usually I’d do 3 or 4 kills and give up for the night. Yesterday the thing dropped on my first kill. I had to actively contain my excitement.

  2. Grats man! That’s awesomesauce!

    • 🙂 Thank you. I had to keep myself from yelling at the top of my lungs because that would have freaked out the Baby Tank. Wanted that mount so freakin’ bad.

  3. Damn I am jealous. I used to run that several times a night trying for that mount. Gratz.

  4. Course you realize had I been there you would have lost the roll, unless I were too.. *Dilynrae carefully removes the horseshoe from her arse*

  5. Grats!

    My main starting after 1.10 and going through WotLK was a fire mage named Jana. In vanilla wow, she helped a friend of hers that was farming the mount; we would run Strat 45 twice daily. It never dropped.

    Through BC, off and on, Jana would run UD Strat with a couple friends to try to get the horse. It never dropped.

    When WotLK came out, and the drop rate was increased, Jana began running UD Strat on a fairly regular basis to try to get the mount. It never dropped.

    In total, I bet I’ve killed Baron Rivendare about 200 times on Jana (stats has it somewhere around 90 or so, but that doesn’t include BC or vanilla).

    Some time into WotLK, I made a death knight named Traxy. She would eventually become my main, but before ICC came out, she was definitely an alt. One day, she decided to run UD Strat with a friend as part of an RP scenario involving the rescue of Ysida Harmon.

    When she killed Baron Rivendare for the first time (in Strat, in any event), the horse dropped.

    It looks better on the Death Knight anyway.


  7. CONGRATS! 😀
    great place to farm rune cloth if you need it for rep too… while you are grinding for the pony!

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